Do I need a Virtual Administrator in my world, Test?

  1. Do you extend your working hours to catch up on business tasks?

  2. Do you spend more than 15% of your time workinon tasks that are administrative or operational in nature, that is activities that do not require your professional expertise?

  3. Do you have a touch time concentrating on the tasks at hand business you're overwhelmed with everything else that you need to get done?

  4. Do youfind it hard to organize your activities so that you can focus on thse that generate revenue and develop new business?

  5. Do you forget to return a call promptly, respond to an email, or miss a deadline at least five times a week or month?

  6. Do you find enought time for exercise, recreation, vacations, and just plain fun?

  7. Are you on top of your to-do list at all times?

  8. Do you have interruptions that deter you from being productive?

  9. Do you have the energy and time to meet all the demainds of your growing business?

  10. Are you successful in your practicum, but clueless on the theory of administration?

  11. Do you need help in organizing your business in any way?



If you answered YES! to (2) two or more of thse questions, you need a Virtual Administrator in your world. Give us a call at 240-461-2238, email us at, or fill out our contact us form today.